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It’s been a long time coming, but we have a pretty decent crop of tomatoes coming out of the greenhouse finally. The plants have been fairly heavy with fruit for what seems like months, but they are finally ripening up despite the virtual absence of sunlight throughout August.

This is just one small (very badly photographed – sorry!) bowl; there’s another bowlful in the kitchen and lots more on the plants. The outside tomatoes are similarly collapsing under the weight of fruit, but those are all resolutely green. I can only hope for a long, sunny September to try and ripen them all up before the frosts arrive!

The plants themselves are a chaotic, sprawling mess. Every year I promise myself that I’m going to trim and prune them, that I will dutifully tie up every truss and keep the plants tamed and supported, and then at about this time every year I walk into the greenhouse to find it bursting to the seem with foliage, with branches bent down to the floor with tomatoes in varying stages of decay. I am not, as anyone will tell you, a naturally tidy person but next year, I promise, I’ll take more care of my tomatoes.

That said, despite my neglect I have a few huge bowls of tomatoes to enjoy!