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Starting Sowing

Chilli Seeds

Well, with spring definitely around the corner it’s time to start getting things started. The initial batch of seeds are for things which will end up in the greenhouse, as they’ll be slightly less endangered if Nature decides to suddenly bring the snow back next month (it could happen…)

A couple of weeks ago, the first seeds – two varieties of chilli peppers – went into the heated propagator. The Dedo de Mocha sweet Aji have all germinated and grown tall, and have moved to an unheated propagator in preparation for being potted up, but there’s no sign of the other variety, Twilight. These came from a friend, and we were warned that they’re very slow germinators so for now, at least, all hope is not lost.

Today I sowed the next batch – our Long White cucumber, and Orange Bell sweet peppers. The remaining March sowings, the tomatoes, will go in after these have germinated, probably in another couple of weeks.

All our potatoes are now sat in the shed chitting, and the first earlies arejust itching to get into the ground. Now I just need to get over to the allotment and clear enough ground for them to go in!


As well as lots of physical work this weekend, I managed to get around to some more directly crop-related tasks. The early potatoes are now in the ground; I sowed the last of last year’s “One Ball” courgettes in some pots, and also started off this year’s sweetcorn in our little “just add water” compost pellets.

This evening I rebuilt my cunning anti-bird cover to extend it sufficiently to allow me to sow the second batch of peas. This was initially come carefully placed bricks, part of an old clothes airer and some fleece netting but has now been improved to include more of the old airer, a couple of bamboo poles and some parts from my old (now defunct) compost bin (which, itself was made from an older, defuncter picnic table). Never let it be said I don’t recycle.