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Moving Rhubarb

allotment-rhubarb-1A couple of years ago, I randomly moved some rhubarb that I’d found – 6 or 8 plants from across the plot, all brought together in one rather poor, grassy patch because it was the only bit of ground open at the time.

They were never very happy, because they were overwhelmed by the grass, because there weren’t any nutrients in the soil, and because I’d done it at exactly the wrong time of year.

It’s been part of my long term plan to move them to a better location and, with field 2 cleared and composted, I’ve finally been able to do so. They look pretty miserable (not helped by the terrible photo – sorry!) but it should be easier to keep them weed free here, there’s fresh compost and it’s even (sort of) the right time of year to do it.

Although the plants have looked miserable in their old location, their roots were pretty substantial so I’m hopeful that we’ll finally start getting some decent rhubarb crops!