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Inverness’ Floral Hall Visitor Centre

Floral Hall Visitor Centre is a wonderful place for garden lovers to while away an hour or few in Inverness.


Inverness is a wonderfully compact city straddling the banks of the River Ness. Walk just 10 minutes along the river from Ness Bridge (Young Street) in the town centre and you’ll feel like you’re in a peaceful rural village. Just 20 minutes from the centre will take you out to  Floral Hall, near Bught Park and Queens Park Stadium.


The unassuming wooden frontage of Floral Hall belies the beauty and tranquillity within. And it’s just £2.30 per adult to enter, free for under 18s.

FloralHall-9022 FloralHall-8957 FloralHall-8960 FloralHall-8959 FloralHall-8958 FloralHall-8962 FloralHall-8972 

Opened in 1993, the centre has a large climatically controlled subtropical glass house with cascading waterfall, koi carp pond (home to Sumo, Fluffy, Kenneth and Star) and lots of luscious planting. Stairs to a second level allow you to get a bird’s eye view of some of the planting.

FloralHall-8955 FloralHall-8961FloralHall-8965 FloralHall-8970 FloralHall-8971 

Another large greenhouse features an extensive cactus garden.

FloralHall-8975 FloralHall-8979

Further greenhouses are used to raise plants for the garden and park. Plants are also on sale to visitors, should you be lucky enough to live locally or be driving back home. We were flying so were forced to resist!

FloralHall-9004 FloralHall-9001 FloralHall-9021 

The outside space is divided into different areas showcasing a range of garden designs including formal and informal beds. A raised bed area is planted with pretty flowers that seem particularly attractive to bees and other insects. The gardens are meticulously kept and absolutely beautiful.

FloralHall-8980 FloralHall-9002 FloralHall-8999 FloralHall-9008 FloralHall-9009 
FloralHall-9019 FloralHall-9007 
FloralHall-8989 FloralHall-8983 FloralHall-8992 FloralHall-8985 FloralHall-9011 

In a corner of the more formal garden area is a gate leading to a pretty rockery and bird feeding areas and a vegetable plot, which looked a little neglected when we visited!

We spent a peaceful hour enjoying the gardens before heading back into town to attend a wedding in the beautiful St Mary’s church. Next time we visit Inverness, we’ll put aside a little longer to enjoy this charming hidden gem.