I was never really the gardening type; my artistic nature just isn’t up to planning anything that looks particularly nice, and although I love seeing a nicely maintained garden, I never loved the thought enough to actually make me put the effort in. Which is why our back garden – something of a jungle when we bought the house – never really looked like more than a wilderness.

However, a few years ago (as a result of a neighbour replacing some fencing) we ended up with a fairly clear patch of ground and, in a bid to stop weeds reappearing immediately, I planted some crops. I figured, I wasn’t growing it to look pretty, so it might as well be productive.

Over time, I ended up pushing the wilderness further and further back. By the time I started this blog in 2007, I’d managed to reclaim one side of the garden. This year (2010) saw the last bit of grass going and everything becoming crop space. And that should have been an end to the hard work.

That would be no fun, of course, so I’ve ended up following in my father’s footsteps and getting hold of an allotment as well.

The garden will still be used for crops (in general those tender things that need daily attention and last minute picking) so this blog will cover both of them.

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