Well, I’ve managed to completely clear (and compost!) the two big bed on the allotment, which for mid March is something of a miracle.

The rhubarb got moved to one end of the middle bed a year or two ago and this year is finally starting to look happy with the world. There are 5 plants here, and although a couple of them are on the small side at least two are almost well enough grown to give a crop already, which is just insane.

In the same bed, a few garlic bulbs from last year that never did anything have finally put in an appearance – perhaps I planted them too late, and they needed a winter to wake up? Anyway, I’ve added some more garlic from the kitchen that had sprouted, so we should have a decent garlic patch this year.

The rest of the bed will be given over to beans this year – I’ve sown a row of broad beans already, and the next job on the list is to shift the support over for the berlotti beans.

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