2017 – Back To The Plot

So 2016 was, once again, only intermittently logged here. Maybe 2017 will be better!

I managed to get some decent clearing done in the autumn, as well as another 20-or-so barrow loads of compost that occasionally gets delivered to our allotment site.

But I didn’t really get over since New Year. That’s partly down to being in Hong Kong during January but I can’t blame it all on foreign travel – the weather was wet and miserable, and the longer you’re away, the harder it is to force yourself back to work.

Happily, it seems that my hard work is starting to pay off; the dug beds are still fairly clear, only really needing a very light forking over to disrupt what little weeds have appeared. The grass hasn’t really woken up yet, all the trees seem to have survived the winter storms and there’s even signs of life starting to show on them all (the pear tree, above, seems the most advanced right now).

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