Monthly Archives: March 2016

Onions Are Go!

onion-field-1Another (small) patch properly dug, composted and weeded, and crops are actually going in.

The lower half here is now filled with onion sets – the long term plan is for beans to go in behind them, but that will wait until later in the year.

With thanks to my sister for the assistance 🙂

Tamed Berry

tayberry-1I’ve recently had it pointed out to me that the bush I’ve been calling a loganberry all this time, may in fact be a tayberry.

Regardless of which kind of berry it actually is, I have finally managed to cut out all the deadwood and put in some stakes so that I can train it somewhat.

My hope is that (a) it will be easier to harvest – in previous years it’s been hard to reach the fruit because the bush has been going everywhere – and (b) that it won’t be tangling itself up with the plum tree.