roses-1I love Poundland. Every allotment owner really needs a local pound shop.

Their incredibly cheap tent pegs hold down the weed control fabric. Their ‘bamboo edging’ quickly disassembled into a large supply of plant labels, and their┬ásecateurs may only last six months before they break or blunt, at least I can just leave them in the shed and not worry about them going walkies.

They also do plants, with varying success. We have a very nice gooseberry bush at home that came from there, and some sort of small blackberry-like thing too. It’s not always successful; I’ve tried a rose and raspberries from there too and they’ve just vanished without a trace, but for one pound I figure it’s worth a punt.

So on the allotment we now have three shiny new roses, which will bring some colour during the summer and (with any luck) hips come autumn – if any of them survive. You don’t get much in the way of choice (or information) at Poundland, so that’s two “yellow bush” and one “white bush” rose. Hopefully they’ll make it!

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