New Year

Somehow it’s 2016 already, and with it a renewed determination to keep up with both the allotment and this blog a bit better than I have in the past!

After a ridiculously warm and wet winter so far, the last few days have managed to be both warmish and dryish, so today I managed to get over to the plot and get some work done. The worst of the grass has been hacked off Field 2 (I should probably draw a new plan of the plot at some stage…) and perhaps 2/3rds of the remaining digging done on that field too.

With half Field 2 already generously covered with the (free!) compost that the council dropped off, I’m dangerously close to starting the growing year with at least one entire section of the plot dug and prepared – this is a bit of a miracle, as I usually end up wasting half of the spring desperately trying to catch up with all the digging I should have been doing over winter.

Sadly the weather forecast for the rest of the week sounds pretty terrible, but at least I’ve managed to get in one plot visit in January – almost unheard of in past years!

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