Monthly Archives: May 2012

Good And Bad

The garden is looking surprisingly good at the moment; the weeds are probably more controlled that ever before – two of the three beds are essentially in full use, and the glyphosate is starting to take effect on the last bed. I’m almost at the stage where I have enough time to start trying to tame an allotment!

The raspberries and gooseberries are growing nicely, and even the loganberry seems to have made a miraculous reappearance. We’ve put the early potatoes in here, and they’re growing nicely and our wild strawberry patch has gone, well, wild.

The peas mentioned in the previous post are slowly starting to appear, but they’re taking a frustrating amount of time over it. In a way that’s no bad thing as it gives me more time to make room for them all.

Of course, things can’t all be going well – we have a massive slug problem. They are even managing to somehow get into the greenhouse, crawl across the anti-slug gravel and eat my damn seedlings. I’ve put a circle of slug pellets around the outside of the greenhouse, which resulted in a huge array of dead and dying slugs and snails. I’m starting to suspect I need to get hold of some of that anti-slug nematode stuff, and go on a bigger killing spree…