Sunday at the allotment


To the right in the foreground is the area which was overgrown with raspberry canes, gooseberry bushes and redcurrants, but which we’ve pruned hard at appropriate times over the last few months.

Further back on the right, there’s a bit of a lost area towards the back – our plot goes as far as the large tree.

On the left, behind me as I stood to take the picture, is a small area where purple sprouting broccoli is currently growing, and then an area of strawberry plants. That leads down to the overgrown patch you can see on the left, behind which Pete is working.

He’s weeding a patch he’d previously turned over a week or so back, ready for planting some seeds in coming weeks.


Here, Pete’s pruning back the redcurrant bushes.


And this is my digging, right next to the area Pete was weeding.

At home, rather than earthing up potatoes, we’ve cheated by digging trenches and planting the chitted seed potatoes at the bottom. Then, as they can grow, we’ve pushed the mud that we’d piled up alongside the trenches back in, bit by bit. Nice and easy. We did the same thing at the allotment last year, only to discover that the soil doesn’t go as deep down as it does in our garden, and by burying the spuds in the trenches, we’d planted them only inches above a thick layer of clay. Oops!

This year, we’ll forget the trenches, but they’re still there at the moment, covered with a very thick layer of grass. Turning over, my job on Sunday, is made double difficult by the way the grass knits the soil together, so I ended up lifting and turning much larger, heavier clumps than I’d have liked.

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