Allotment Helpers and Purple Sprouting Broccoli

It’s that time of the year when we are rushing to catch up with work we really ought to have done over the autumn or winter. That means some quick heavier digging and turning over, letting the weather break down the clods a bit and then working it over more finely in preparation for sowing seeds and planting seedlings.

Gina at allotment

This weekend, a friend came to help on Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining; it really was a beautiful day.

Last year was a poor year for us, harvest wise and the combined yield from both garden and allotment was less than we’d enjoyed from the garden alone for the several years previous. There were a number of factors including weather, the added workload of having a new allotment on top of the garden and a poorly timed spring holiday which impacted seed propagating for many more weeks than it lasted.

The purple sprouting broccoli we planted in 2010 was ready for harvesting from mid-January 2011, very early indeed. So when we saw nothing much at all by the same time this year, I assumed it had failed. Very happy then, to see it starting to show growth late February and early March.

On Sunday we harvested the first florets, sharing them half half with our kind helper.

gina psb cooked
photo by Gina Navato

Gina cooked the PSB and some cauliflower florets with anchovies, pine nuts and capers, for a very simple evening meal.


IMAG0711 IMAG0712

We did ours as a snack. It was nuked, only briefly, in the microwave (with a knob of butter and a little salt sprinkled over first). Crunchy, tasty, fresh, delicious!

If any other friends want to get some exercise of a weekend, and fancy helping, give us a shout.

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