Monthly Archives: February 2012

New Shoots

Wild GarlicThis blog has been lying fallow through the winter months, just like the garden and the allotment. It’s hard to get encouraged enough to venture outside when it’s cold and wet and muddy!

However, spring has definitely sprung – for now at least – and today is gloriously warm and sunny. It has me coming out into the garden again, and it seems I’m not the only thing.

This is one of our wild garlic plants, that we put in behind the apple tree last year. We were kindly given a few bulbs by a friend and stuck them in the ground only to watch them wilt and pretty much vanish regardless of how much love and watering I gave them. Pretty soon I gave them up as a lost cause.

Happily, when I was clearing and weeding earlier today, I found that they had all survived and look to be as pleased to see spring arriving as I am. Hopefully the weather will hold long enough to get going on the rest of the garden – and of course the allotment. It may take some time…