Monthly Archives: November 2011

A Handful Of Peppers


As the year draws to an end, we’re taking the last of the crops from the greenhouse – in this case, a few sweet peppers.

This year has been pretty poor all around (a combination of lousy weather and badly timed sowing on my part) but it’s nice to have something sweet and tasty to end on.

Of course, now we’re into autumn proper, there’s an absolute ton of clearing and composting to do both in the garden and over on the allotment. Not to mention all the autumn pruning that I need to be doing – once I’ve found all the information about what should be getting pruned and when! At least now we’ve had a full year on the allotment and I’ve been able to see just what everything is; last year part of my problem was that I only had half an idea of what each of the plants were, so I didn’t have the confidence to prune the correctly.

Roll on next year.