Monthly Archives: October 2011

Pretty Purple Pak Choi

Our growing year has mostly been dismal this year. This year when we’ve added a large allotment to our small kitchen garden, giving us lots of extra growing space.

The irony of ending up with less produce than any other year for a decade is not lost on me.


However, we have had a few small successes to offset the failures, including this pretty purple pak choi. We bought the seeds at BBC Gardener’s World Live and planted them a few weeks later.

We used them in summer salads to add colour and flavour.


Here, we’ve mixed them with little gem (also from the garden), Capricorn goats cheese, a very mild and creamy goats cheese, probably ideal for those who don’t like stronger, goatier ones, and with Unearthed’s Chorizo de Leon, a fabulous smoked chorizo sausage from Spain. The dressing was a ready-made Maille one we picked up in France.

Salad-9728 Salad-9732 Salad-9737
Salad-9734 Salad-9739 Salad-9741

The beauty of home grown salads is that you can combine them with so many different ingredients to create hugely varied and satisfying meals.