Monthly Archives: July 2011

Small Fruits

Popping over to the allotment today to show it to a visiting friend, we harvested a small box of fruit and some pretty borage flowers, for use as a salad garnish. (The lettuce is growing in the kitchen garden at home and is very nice indeed now it’s hearting up, meaning lots more crunch).


Fruit wise, we picked raspberries, tayberries and blackcurrants plus about 5 gooseberries that the birds had failed to spot. That said, we hope that a really rigorous pruning of all the fruiting bushes will result in higher yields next year.


Very variable weather (from extremely hot to monsoon-like rain) plus a large dose of laziness has meant we’ve been a bit lax. Weeds and tall grasses are rampant, though our own planting continues to fight it’s way through.

Apple and plum trees are heavily laden, so we look forward to a great crop of both.

Potatoes are pushing through the weeds and seem to be doing fine.

wheatphoto 2011-07-10

The wheat is growing well, and remains reasonably weed free, surprisingly.

Show Seeds

A short while ago we went along to the BBC Gardeners World Show (for which we gave away some tickets) up in Birmingham. It was a fun day out, although the gardening half of the show had a higher proportion of “non-event” stalls than shows I’ve been to before (seriously, what does an ironing board company have to do with gardening?!) – the highlight for me was probably the RHS Tent, which was filled with spectacular displays and even better (for me anyway) some stalls with more unusual veg seeds available.

We bought something of a collection and although it’s a little late for some, have sown three of them already – Chinese Broccoli (Kailan), Pak Choi ‘Canton White’ and Amaranth ‘Red Army’. We’ve been meaning to get some Pak Choi at least for some time, so it will be interesting to see if I can successfully grow them in the garden without the squirrels, slugs or pigeons eating them all up!