Monthly Archives: May 2011

Everything’s Growing!

It’s been a month since my last update; this shouldn’t be taken as a sign that I haven’t been doing anything – quite the opposite. I’ve been so busy trying to keep on top of both the garden and the allotment that I simply haven’t got around to taking pictures and blogging about it all.

In the garden, there are tomatoes growing furiously in the greenhouse and, less vigorously, outside as well. There are sweet and chilli peppers, along with a couple of aubergine plants, making good progess in the greenhouse too while the outside space is filling up nicely with lettuce, peas, courgettes and cucumbers.

We’re also just starting to harvest the first of our ‘rogue’ new potatoes. I must have broken all previous records for missing potatoes during the harvest last year, as we seem to have dozens of ‘surprise’ potato plants. As they were largely coming up in areas I hadn’t got around to clearing, they managed to grow into full size plants before I needed their land, so I get a bonus crop!

Over on the allotment, our intentional potatoes are all growing nicely and the wheat continues to grow. Our various fruit trees are now setting a delicious amount of fruit, there’s gooseberries starting to show on our bushes and the local birds must be so fat now on stolen strawberries that I’m surprised they can even take off.

I’ve managed to put in a few spare courgettes, and the cabbages, cauli and broccoli seedlings are growing nicely and hopefully will soon be ready to go into their waiting bed. Sweetcorn is the next on the list, although that’s a little later than would be ideal…

I seem to spend most of my time there strimming down the grass, which has rather taken over and grown over knee height! I just have to keep telling myself that it’s a long term project, and it may take a few years to get the whole plot properly under control. We have a good proportion of the ground cultivated (at least to an extent), and anyway if I managed to sort it all out in the first year, what would I do for the next decade?!