I was dreaming of growing some wheat, and ultimately making bread properly from scratch, before we even got the allotment but obviously with the extra space we now have, it’s a lot easier to find the space.

A friend online was able to provide us with some seed and, as you can see, it’s now sprouting nicely over on the plot. I now just have a few short months to work out just how I’m going to be able to harvest, thresh and grind the grain into something that I can try to bake with!

In other news, I’ve finally managed to finish off the potato trenches and plant out what maincrop potatoes fit there; I still have loads of seed potatoes left over and will be squeezing them into whatever space I can find that hasn’t already been earmarked for other crops.

I’m horribly behind on all my other sowings and plantings, but I know that part of the reason I’m feeling that is the ridiculously hot and sunny weather that feels more like June. I just have to keep telling myself, it’s only mid April!

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