Sowing and Potting

After the quiet of winter, suddenly I seem to have lots to do! The cucumbers I mentioned last time have already grown fairly hugely and been potted on; the first round of tomatoes (our 5 remaining Sungold and the rest of our Harbinger from last year) are now sitting in the propagator.

Both the chilli and sweet pepper seedlings are resolutely sat doing not a great deal; both are just now starting to show signs of the first true leaves appearing though, so I’ve decided to tell myself that they were just waiting for the days to grow a little longer.

Outside in the garden, I’ve managed to properly clear all down one side; our apple tree is bursting into bloom (a trick our rhubarb tried to copy, until I beheaded him) and all the proper raspberry canes we planted last year are showing strong signs of life. So are the gooseberry and tayberry that we got from the pound shop last year; the raspberry we got from there never took, but we’re going to have plenty of fruit in our garden this year – not to mention all those wonderful canes over on the allotment!

As we’re right at the start of April, it’s starting to get to that time of year for lots of sowing, both inside and out. At least the garden is now sufficiently tamed that there’s very little properly heavy work remaining – unlike the allotment!

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