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I was dreaming of growing some wheat, and ultimately making bread properly from scratch, before we even got the allotment but obviously with the extra space we now have, it’s a lot easier to find the space.

A friend online was able to provide us with some seed and, as you can see, it’s now sprouting nicely over on the plot. I now just have a few short months to work out just how I’m going to be able to harvest, thresh and grind the grain into something that I can try to bake with!

In other news, I’ve finally managed to finish off the potato trenches and plant out what maincrop potatoes fit there; I still have loads of seed potatoes left over and will be squeezing them into whatever space I can find that hasn’t already been earmarked for other crops.

I’m horribly behind on all my other sowings and plantings, but I know that part of the reason I’m feeling that is the ridiculously hot and sunny weather that feels more like June. I just have to keep telling myself, it’s only mid April!


In the allotment, we have a cherry tree, which the previous plot holder told us was transplanted just a year or two back and she wasn’t sure which type of cherry or even whether it was an edible one.

We also have a couple of plum bushes (they look more bush-like than tree-like) and I’m curious on varieties for those too.

I know it’ll be easier once we have fruit, but am an impatient sort.

AllotmentApril2011-6254 AllotmentApril2011-6256

Anyone care to hazard a guess based on these photos of leaves and blossom?

A Busy Weekend

Potato TrenchesA visit from my sister usually means lots of work getting done. This weekend was no exception, and the combination of the glorious sunny weather and the fact that she stayed until yesterday meant that we got even more done than usual!

I managed to get three trenches dug for the maincrop potatoes. I reckon I should be able to fit in another four rows before I run out of space (and risk digging up the cherry tree) – it means we’ll have a few potatoes left over, but we may be able to find somewhere else to fit those in. I also took the opportunity to prune the plum trees; they were both covered in blossom, so with any luck we can expect lots and lots of plums later on!

Mary-AnnMy sister made fantastic progress on the other side of the path, and cleared all the space earmarked for our wheat (and then some!), which we promptly sowed. It’s a reasonable sized patch – I’d guess something around 8 square yards or so – so with any luck we should get enough wheat, and therefore flour, to make a loaf or two of bread.

Aside from that, there was plenty of tidying to be done; slow progress was made weeding around the raspberry canes, to give them a bit of breathing space as well as to make the plot look a lot smarter.

This may be the last time I can rely on such a lot of help from my sister – she has, rather unsportingly, managed to get an allotment of her own back home, which means when she does visit us she won’t be in such desperate need for her digging fix. We may even end up lending a hand on her allotment!

Sowing and Potting

After the quiet of winter, suddenly I seem to have lots to do! The cucumbers I mentioned last time have already grown fairly hugely and been potted on; the first round of tomatoes (our 5 remaining Sungold and the rest of our Harbinger from last year) are now sitting in the propagator.

Both the chilli and sweet pepper seedlings are resolutely sat doing not a great deal; both are just now starting to show signs of the first true leaves appearing though, so I’ve decided to tell myself that they were just waiting for the days to grow a little longer.

Outside in the garden, I’ve managed to properly clear all down one side; our apple tree is bursting into bloom (a trick our rhubarb tried to copy, until I beheaded him) and all the proper raspberry canes we planted last year are showing strong signs of life. So are the gooseberry and tayberry that we got from the pound shop last year; the raspberry we got from there never took, but we’re going to have plenty of fruit in our garden this year – not to mention all those wonderful canes over on the allotment!

As we’re right at the start of April, it’s starting to get to that time of year for lots of sowing, both inside and out. At least the garden is now sufficiently tamed that there’s very little properly heavy work remaining – unlike the allotment!