Spring Has Sprung

Potato trenches

It’s March, my house (and greenhouse) is steadily filling with seed trays as things get underway (cucumbers and bell peppers added to the list since my last post, with the tomatoes to go in as soon as I have time)

On the allotment, it’s time (probably overdue!) for the first early potatoes to go in, now that I have enough ground for them. I’m taking the same approach as last year – dig some shallow trenches and plant the potatoes at the bottom. This makes earthing up a much simpler process of just filling the trenches back in, which makes up for the fact that you have to dig the damn trenches in the first place. A little more work now means an easier life later on.

My next project will have to be clearing the rest of the potato patch in time for the main crops to go in next month; I’m also very aware that it’s getting close to the stage where a whole lot of things need planting and sowing outside, and I’ve barely made a scratch in all the clearing I need to do over there.

It turns out I’m not the only one feeling the pressure; despite it being a week day, when I went over to the allotment this morning to put the potatoes in, there were more people around than I’ve ever seen. There were people working on at least 5 plots that I could see from my own, all enjoying the sunshine and trying to get things going.

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