Monthly Archives: February 2011

Back On Plot

I’m always uncomfortably aware that I am at risk of using the weather as a very convenient excuse to avoid all the hard work I know I should be doing; in my defence, it’s been pretty wet and raining for weeks now and that tends to leave the soil so soggy and sticky that it’s impossible to get anything done.

Finally managed to get some real work done today, though – finished digging the first plot that my sister helped to start clearing last year, and uncovered more of the path. I’ve also discovered another small patch of rhubarb, in addition to the plant I’d already spotted. The rhubarb we planted in the garden last year is also starting to shoot, so it will be interesting to see how much we get this year.

The first early potatoes are now chitting, so the next task on the allotment is to work out just where they’re going to be growing so that I can clear that plot next!