Feedback 2010 Seeds

Potato: Home Guard (earlies) – low yield, lesions/disease, delicious but wouldn’t grow again
Potato: Red Duke of York (earlies) – left in late so large, taste OK, nothing exciting
Potato: Rooster (main) – good yield, good shape and decent taste
Potato: Pentland Dell (main) – very good yield, good size, decent taste, grow again

Lettuce: Chartwell – we didn’t grow much but what came through was excellent

Gherkin: Diamant F1 – not a great yield but decent little gherkins

Sweetcorn: Honey Bantam F1 – a critter destroyed virtually whole crop, no idea on taste

Courgette: One Ball F1 – excellent yield, beautiful golden globes, good taste

Tomatoes: Sungold F1 – medium yield (but poor growing year overall), fantastic flavour and colour, definitely grow again
Tomatoes: Super Marmande – suffer worse than others in difficult weather, very mealy and bland, not grow again
Tomatoes:  Harbinger – poor yield, bland, not grow again

Sugarsnap Peas: Sugar Ann – Delicious, grow again

Peppers: Golden Bell F1 – low yield but attractive and good taste, grow again

Raspberries: Autumn Bliss -got confused and cropped early summer as well as autumn, delicious, look forward to heavier crop in future years

Rhubarb: Victoria – grew well at first but almost killed by a critter, didn’t harvest any in 2010

Tayberry: Rubus – no harvest in 2010, but hoping it’s alive and may grow in 2011

Gooseberry: Ribes Uva-crispa (a dark red variety) – no harvest in 2010, but hoping it’s alive and may grow in 2011

Apple: Cox’ Orange Pippin – seems to have bedded in well, good blossoms, produced a handful of small fruit


Purple Sprouting Broccoli: Extra Early Sprouting Rudolph
Carrots: Supreme Chantenay Red Cored (£1.89)
Leeks: Musselburgh Improved (£1.99)

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