Monthly Archives: December 2010

Storage Problems

This year, like other years, I’ve stored our potato harvest in the garden shed. They were dried and sorted, and then put into cardboard boxes with ventilation holes (courtesy of Abel & Cole, mainly!), covered with an old bit of cut-off carpet for a bit more insulation, and tucked away until needed.

There’s never been an issue with that; last year we were eating potatoes from our garden well into spring (it’s fair to say that we don’t exactly eat loads and loads of potatoes). As you might have noticed if you’ve been just about anywhere in the Northern hemisphere lately, however, it’s been an incredibly cold start to the winter – cold enough for the frosts to get all the way in and do a good deal of damage to our stored crops.

I would estimate we’ve lost 30% of our potatoes to frost damage; the survivors now all sat (shivering) in our unheated conservatory, so at least they should be safe from further damage. It caught me rather unawares; I knew the frosts were severe, but it just didn’t cross my mind that they’d get hit so badly.

So, a word of advice – if you have anything sensitive to frosts stored in somewhere that’s usually frost-free over winter, check now to see if you have any similar nasty surprises!