Monthly Archives: November 2010

Wet And Windy

The weather has been, well, rather November-like for the last couple of weeks. Practically, this means it’s been wet and windy, which isn’t very conducive to any real gardening efforts.

What little time I’ve spent at the plot has been focused on clearing the rubbish – not to mention the brambles and stinging nettles – from around the shed. We were warned at the start that the roof was a little leaky, and the evidence inside is easy enough to see. Now that I’ve cleared away enough to be able to get a ladder there, I’ve been able to have a decent look at the roof. While the brambles over the top probably haven’t helped, but by the looks of it the roof felt is generally pretty worn and is breaking apart in places.

Really, the whole thing needs replacing, but November probably isn’t the time to try and do that. I’ve managed to find some spray-on roof patching stuff (yes, really!) so I’m hoping that I get a dry day or two soon and I’ll use that to patch up the most obviously worn patches. With any luck that will keep things reasonably watertight over winter, and then come the spring I’ll strip it properly off and completely replace the felt (and possibly the roofing boards, which look to have bowed a little through regular soakings)