Getting Started

First View (North)Well, it’s only been a week so unsurprisingly, the plot isn’t completely cleared and filled up with crops just yet! I have made a bit of a start though; as will all allotments there’s rubbish to be gathered up into something of a pile under the oak tree.

I say rubbish, but that’s not really fair. It’s just non-organic stuff in the form of plastic bottles, bags, stakes, chicken wire – stuff which is probably useful (which is why I’m not just throwing it away). I’ve already transformed some old chicken wire, bits of an old clothes airer and some bamboo poles into what looks to be a pretty large compost heap, although looking around at the volume of vegetation, it may prove to be on the small side by the time I’m done!

Aside from this tidying up, I’ve also made a start in hacking back the grass over the central path. This is heavy going, because the grass is long, wet and pretty tough, but even with just a few yards cleared it starts to clearly define some of the edges, and make the whole plot look less chaotic and overgrown.

This job would be a lot quicker if I just brought my strimmer down but it’s electric and, of course, there’s no power down here. Besides, there’s something rather satisfying about doing it “properly” by hand – just as I’d rather use a fork than a rotovator. One of the joys of all this gardening (and now allotmenting – or should that be plotting!) is the act of doing, rather than just the end result. So I’ll live without power – and with aching shoulders!

Next week sees a visit from my slave-driving sister, so great progress will no doubt be made.

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