An Initial Weekend

This weekend saw a visit from my sister; she is, if truth be told, the one who has done (or at least driven) all the hard work of getting the garden cleared and usable because she enjoys that whole ground clearing, digging stuff – and because she wont let me stop after half an hour of work.

Happily, the allotment has plenty of work to be done; although the plot has been fairly well worked in recent times it has got overgrown over the last season and it can be hard to see just exactly what you’ve got when it’s covered with grass and weeds. I spent most of my time continuing my program of uncovering the paths, while my sister set to work clearing the first (and probably best kept) bed.

I say “uncovering the paths” because although it’s technically just mowing them with shears, it really is a much, much harder job than that sounds. The good news is that the paths are very clearly raised from the beds, and have good solid edges to them. The bad news is that they’re uneven and covered with wet, astoundingly tough and foot-long grass which makes it very heavy going. Not to mention the occasional stinging nettle mixed in there to catch you unawares.

The end result is that the path running all the way around the first bed is now clear and visible, and the bed itself is maybe 2/3rd of the way to being clear. Even with nothing but rubbish clearing happening on the rest of the plot, it manages to make the whole place more “kempt” and gives a sense of real progress.

The other task I got to was measuring out the plot, and marking up what’s where – the permanent fixtures like trees and fruit bushes, and the various paths I’ve uncovered. We also managed to name each “field” (ok, it’s not that big) and when I get the time (and the artistic flair) I shall draw up a proper map showing what I’ve got where. I can then use that as a basis for all my careful planning this winter!

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