Monthly Archives: June 2010

A Belated Update

It’s been a long time since the last update; we’ve got a lot done, but it’s always been in such small, bitesize lumps that I never really got around to posting about it. I feel suitably guilty..

Our early crop potatoes have been earthed up, and are just starting to struggle into flower. We’ve already dug up one of the ‘rogue’ potato plant and enjoyed some delicious (mostly quails-egg sized) new potatoes; I’ll probably finish cropping them before moving onto our intentionally grown ones!

The greenhouse is now filled with it’s normal huge tomato plants, all in furious flower and the first fruits on the Marmande are already set. The gerkins have produced their first fruit which have been duly pickled, and even the sweet peppers are slowly growing, although not as rapidly as I would have expected by now.

Out in the garden itself, just about all our courgette plants have at least one small courgette forming up; we now have three rows of sugarsnap peas (sowed at roughly monthly intervals) and already have the first row producing meal-sized crops. The outdoor tomato plants – dwarfs compared to their greenhouse companions, sown at the same time! – are also starting to flower.

Our leeks are growing happily, our broccoli has survived the interest of the local sky-rats – although I noticed this evening that they have now been found by cabbage whites instead. Grr. Sweetcorn is growing quietly and without fuss, as it always does.

Our raspberries have been rather confused by the odd start to the year; a couple of the (autumn!) canes flowered early and have started setting fruit. Quite whether they will sort themselves out enough to fruit at the right time as well, only time will tell. We’ve acquired both wild and conventional strawberry plants over the last few months and if I can stop the damn birds scoffing everything before it ripens, we may even eat some one day…

Finally, there are a couple of rows of lettuce and carrots lurking under our super-bargain mini polytunnels from the Pound Shop. And that, I think, is all our crops summed up!

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