Monthly Archives: May 2010

Almost There!

This weekend saw another visit from my sister, Mary-Ann. Weekends with her are always very productive, largely because she drags me out into the garden at some absurd time of day (i.e. in the morning) and keeps saying “let’s just finish this bit” whenever I want to stop and have a cup of coffee.

The practical upshot of this is that we have now, for the first time ever, reached a stage where the entire garden is now cultivated – with the exception of a very small square yard which is currently filled with wild flowers such as forget-me-nots. The original plan was to dig all that up as well, but as I’ve been working in the garden I’ve noticed it tends to be covered in bees and other good insects so it seems foolish to stop attracting them in!

Anyway, as a result of some fairly furious work, all the maincrop potatoes are now in; we’ve also uncovered (over the last few weeks) another half-dozen or so “rogue” potatoes dotted about the place. Now, I understand the ones which are appearing in ground we grew potatoes in last year, but there are a couple in places where I’m sure we haven’t had potatoes for 3 or 4 years! Not sure quite how that happened, but I’m happy to take free crops when I find them…

A lot of our seeds have finally made it outside – the courgettes, broccoli and leeks are all now in the ground and hopefully enjoying the warmer, wetter weather we’re finally getting. All of our various fruit canes (raspberries, gooseberry and tayberry) are looking good, with the exception of the raspberry from Poundland, which seems to have been dead. Oh well, it was only a pound!

We also picked up some free wild strawberries from a friend; at first I was pretty convinced that none of them had survived the transplant, but I think at least half of them are now showing signs of new life so hopefully we should get even more fruit there.

The one slight disappointment is our rhubarb plant. It seemed to be initially happy, quickly putting out a third leaf and looking quite content – but for what seems like the last month it hasn’t grown any more, and looks somehow ‘flat’. I’m hoping that it’s just down to our recent burst of cold weather, and now that spring is restarting it will leap back into life, but I’m not confident. Still, our current plan is just to leave it alone for this year, and hope that something happens.