25 April Update

Pete’s been hard at work in the garden these last few days.

A couple of days back he potted some of the tomato seedlings into grow bags in the greenhouse and the gherkin plants were potted into a large rectangular window-sill pot, also to live in the greenhouse.

Today we could see the first tiny green and purple leaves of the potato plants pushing out and also some teeny tiny shoots from the polytunnelled sugarsnap peas.

Pete planted out the sweetcorn seedlings. After last year’s disaster when I’d asked him to cover them, he’d pooh-poohed the idea, only to see them eaten and destroyed by vermin overnight, he duly covered these beautiful speciments in a cunningly jerryrigged metal hoop and netting protective cover.

He planted several marigolds in different areas of the garden, to attract insects, especially hover flies which eat many of the nasties.

And some busy lizzies for colour.

He also popped some sunflower seeds we’d had lying around for eons into the ground behind the apple tree (which has lots of leaves and a few tiny buds already).

And he planted some courgette seeds in the heated propagator, in the conservatory.

Oh and lots of weeding, clearing away more of the bolting cabbages, emptying out the old grow bags from last year and general maintenance work.

Seedlings of purple sprouting broccoli, lettuce and various herbs are looking lively in the greenhouse too. And the pepper and chilli plants are growing fast too.

Pictures to be added later.

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