Monthly Archives: March 2010

2010 Fruit

So, we’ve been wanting some fruit as well as veg.

From Ayletts yesterday we bought:-

An 8 pack of Autumn Bliss raspberries £15.99
A Victoria rhubarb for £4.99

From Burston yesterday we bought:-

A Cox’ Orange Pipping apple tree trained and caned into a flat fan shape for £54.99 but unfortunately we couldn’t quite fit it into the car so have had to pay an extra £20 for delivery.

Today we popped to Poundland (looking for some cheap pansies to give temporary colour to the front bed until we get the front garden re-done later this year). Didn’t find any but did buy 1 each of:-

Rubus idaeus raspberry
Rubus tayberry
Ribes Uva-crispa gooseberry (a dark red variety)

For £1 each!

Pete and M-A have planted all the above out this weekend (except 3 of the 8 pack of raspberries as M-A is taking one and my mum is having the other 2).