Monthly Archives: February 2010

Carrot Love!

We ended up leaving the carrots in the ground far too long, what with the snow and our inherent laziness! But we decided we’d better harvest them (and the parsnips) before we left for the Falklands at the end of January, incase they ended up rotting in the ground.

We got kilos and kilos of both!

Here are a pair of giant entwined carrots:

2010 Seeds

Just been to Ayletts for our 2010 seeds:

We have:-

Potatoes: Home Guard and Red Duke of York for earlies and Rooster and Pentland Dell for main crops (£3.15 for about 35 in total)
Leeks: Musselburgh Improved (£1.99)
Lettuce: Chartwell (£2.19)
Gherkin: Diamant F1 (£2.19)
Sweetcorn: Honey Bantam F1 (£2.89)
Courgette: One Ball F1 (£3.40)
Carrots: Supreme Chantenay Red Cored (£1.89)
Tomatoes: Sungold F1 (£2.99), Super Marmande (£1.89) and Harbinger (Free)
Sugarsnap Peas: Sugar Ann (£2.49)
Peppers: Golden Bell F1 (Free)
Purple Sprouting Broccoli: Extra Early Sprouting Rudolph (Free)