Monthly Archives: August 2009


As well as the courgette haul yesterday we also pulled 3 carrots, two quite large and one tiny. They were soooo misshapen and cracked it was a lot of work to cut away the bad bits without wasting any of the good bits.

Weight before peeling/ cutting away was 120 grams.


Mary-Ann is here to help with the garden again this weekend.

Today we harvested some more yellow courgettes – these really needed to be picked as they were getting rather large AND crowding against each other so much that one had started to rot.

We took 4 of the spherical ones plus 1 large and 2 small regular ones.

The spherical ones came to a whopping 2645 grams and the regulars to 750 grams!

That’s 3.5 kilos!

Giant Courgette!

We’re starting to get into a proper courgette flood now; I’ve just harvested the biggest one for dinner, and it weighed in at a whopping 820 grams!

As well as the regular shaped (but yellow) courgettes, our “ball” courgettes are also maturing nicely – I think I saw at least three, tennis-ball sized (and coloured!) fruit waiting to be eaten. What we need now is lots of courgette-based recipes!

Also, a quick update on planting – once we’d harvested the first early potatoes and pulled out the pea plants, the winter Savoy seedlings (which were getting pretty long and weary-looking in the greenhouse) took over their ground.