Monthly Archives: July 2009

Recording yields

More harvesting!

Monday 20th July:
Early potatoes 660 grams
Sugarsnaps 110 grams (though some were shelled as a bit far gone)

Wednesday 22nd July
Early potatoes 964 grams
Long yellow courgettes 590 grams
2 teeny parsnips

Saturday 25th July
Early potatoes 6500 grams
Extra red potatoes 300 grams
Plus the peas and sugarsnap plants were shrivelling up so we took off all the rest and shelled them (even the sugarsnaps as the pods were not really edible)
Peas shelled weight 900 grams
Sugarsnaps shelled weight 120 grams

Regular meals from the garden now!

It’s all kicking off now!

We had our first two little cherry tomatoes a few days ago and another two yesterday.

Also yesterday, we harvested our first regular peas. Shelled, we collected 238 grams. Delicious! I ate mine raw and Pete had his lightly boiled with chocolate mint and butter.

Today we took another 106 grams of peas from the garden (shelled weight again).

Plus we enjoyed our first courgettes of the year, three beautiful yellow ones. Together, these weighed 828 grams.

We used both the peas and the courgettes in a thai red chicken curry. Wonderful!