Monthly Archives: June 2009

A Working Weekend!

Oh thank goodness for Pete’s sister, M-A!

As she’s done previously, she took Friday off, came to us on Friday night and worked hard on our garden all day Friday and much of Sunday! (We let her take Saturday off!)

Between the two of them, Pete and M-A completely cleared a huge pile of rubble that had gradually amassed to one side of the garden and then flattened the entire area, distributing the extra earth across the rest of the garden. I did minor wheelbarrow duties but the hard work was all theirs!

As well as this, tomato and pepper seedlings were planted into larger pots in the greenhouse with some of the extra tomato seedlings going into the newly cleared beds outside.

We continue to harvest great yields from the sugarsnap plants though the yellowing appearance of a couple of the plants is leading us to wonder whether they’re near the end of their productive life already. Neither of us are too sure how long sugarsnaps naturally crop.

Normal pea plants have loooooots of pods hanging from them so we’re looking forward to these filling up with fat round peas soon!

Potatoes are, as ever, looking vigorous.

Carrots too are looking fabulous, though one pulled up against my advice, was just too small to consider harvesting them yet.

The courgettes are still looking feeble. The two larger ones do flower frequently but we’re not sure any insects are assisting pollenating male to female flowers so we don’t know whether the tiny fruits will grow or drop off. The two smaller ones are looking healthier but small for the time of year.

The sweetcorn seems to have had a massive spurt this weekend, so we’re hopeful a summer of sun will result in lovely cobs this year.

Incidentally, the rubble clearing unhomed a cute little mouse who is likely the culprit who has been feasting on some of our planting these last couple of years. He’s so cute we hope he finds another home in our garden though we won’t miss his vegetable thieving ways!

More sugar snap goodness

Since having our first sugar snaps on 6 June we enjoyed another 15 or so pods eaten straight off the plants, right there in the garden, the following weekend.

Then, on Sunday, 21 June, I picked about 300 grams which I made into a salad for lunch: I chopped them raw and mixed with thinly sliced red onion, halved cherry toms, coriander leaves and home-made dressing (olive oil, cider vinegar and honey). DELISH!

Very exciting as we’ve not grown peas before!