Monthly Archives: May 2009

Sweetcorn MkII

So we sowed some sweetcorn seeds straight into the ground, in the location the seedlings had been before. This time each one was protected by a clear plastic paper cup – we’d used them to protect carrot seedlings in previous years.

And some general tidying and watering etc.

Total Fail

When I planted out the sweetcorn seedling last weekend, I rather foolishly didn’t bother protecting them. “No need”, I told my beloved when she suggested I really should put something over them. “Never had any problems with slugs or birds or anything going for sweetcorn.”

Obviously the birds were listening. When I went out into the garden this morning, every single one of our sweetcorn seedlings had been uprooted by some thing. I can’t even fairly blame my usual targets (the squirrels) because they don’t appear to have been dug up; just plucked out of the ground very …. bird like. Grrr.

Still, the seed packet says that May is the perfect month for outdoor sowing, so we’ll try that again – this time, with protection!

Sunday Efforts

Buy 3 60L bags of compost for £12 from Burston.

Pull up last 4 spring onions, wash, chop and freeze.
Earth up early potato plants (plus the two errant plants from lost potatoes of previous years)

Weed remaining greenhouse seedlings (Saturday).
Plant sweetcorn seedlings, outside.
Plant two courgette plants from K’s mum, outside.
Plant 3 tomato plants into grow bag, in greenhouse, and 3 into pots, in greenhouse for now but maybe to live outside later; plants from K’s mum.
Plant out aubergine into larger pot in greenhouse; from K’s mum .
Give the older “zuchetti” courgette, also from K’s mum, a cane to grow up.