Monthly Archives: April 2009


As well as lots of physical work this weekend, I managed to get around to some more directly crop-related tasks. The early potatoes are now in the ground; I sowed the last of last year’s “One Ball” courgettes in some pots, and also started off this year’s sweetcorn in our little “just add water” compost pellets.

This evening I rebuilt my cunning anti-bird cover to extend it sufficiently to allow me to sow the second batch of peas. This was initially come carefully placed bricks, part of an old clothes airer and some fleece netting but has now been improved to include more of the old airer, a couple of bamboo poles and some parts from my old (now defunct) compost bin (which, itself was made from an older, defuncter picnic table). Never let it be said I don’t recycle.

Some hard slog (but not on my part)!

Pete’s sister, M-A, visited this weekend with one of her main aims to help with the garden. Her current flat has a teeny, tiny area and she misses “proper” gardening, so she says. All to our benefit as she enjoys coming over from time to time and getting stuck in to some heavy work in ours!

On Friday she kindly weeded the existing vegetable bed which runs up the length of the lawn (between sheds and greenhouse at back and patio at front by house) on the right side. Pete had dug this over a few weeks back but quite a few weeds had still taken root in the intervening weeks. She was out on her own on Friday as Pete was working and I had some chores to do too but was, she insisted, quite happy out there.

On Saturday she and Pete got stuck in together. Between them, they did a LOT:

Cleared a large area of long unused bed on the left of the garden, one that was choked with some really deep-rooted weeds, some mint we’d planted long ago and all kinds of broken rocks and rubble. The newly cleared area is large enough for both the maincrop potatoes.

Removed an old fencing panel we don’t need since it sat against the brick wall of our neighbour’s extension anyway. This added a little more space to the newly dug bed and also looks far better.

Eventually we’ll cleared the full length on the left, like it is on the right, but there’s a huge mountain of rubble (mostly from when the greenhouse and shed were erected last year), a partially submerged “green bin” and various collections of old wood including the fence panel and Pete’s old home-made composter (replaced last year with a modern, upright plastic one).

Laid more paving across from the first path (which runs along the right hand bed) to the shed door.

Moved a pile of gravel sat directly on the patio into a large sack of gravel we have left over from the greenhouse floor – we’ll use this to fill the gap between greenhouse base and shed base – to stop weeds growing up in there.

Weeded the patio (not been done for years).

Put down a paving slab at the side of the patio, where a few small slabs were removed when the drainage was re-routed back when our conservatory was erected a few years ago.

All in all they did an incredible amount of work! Well done and thanks again to M-A for all her very hard work!