Monthly Archives: March 2009

A wee bit more…

We were away for the weekend but went straight out into the garden when we got home on Sunday afternoon.

A little more digging over by Pete means that the one long bed up the right hand side of the garden (looking out from the house) is ready.

I also sieved some more earth and we planted seeds for leeks (musselburgh, left over from last year) and parsnips (white gem). As with last weekend’s carrot, tomato and pepper seeds all the seeds were planted in pots, trays and eggboxes in the greenhouse to be replanted outside once seedlings have come up.

Garden Work

Having created a paving path up the left hand side from patio to shed plus some digging over a couple of weeks back, this weekend Pete dug over most of the remaining strip back to the shed, mixing in the compost from the old compost heap and the remnants of last year’s grow bags.

I sieved some soil which we then used to plant seeds for our two tomato varieties (Ildi and Tigerella), our carrots (Chantenay Red Cored) and our mini peppers (which I’d saved from peppers we’d bought and enjoyed from Aldi last year).

2009 Purchases!

Purchased 15 Feb 2009:

Courgette – Tristan £1.69
Parnsip – White Gem £1.29
Tomato – Ildi £1.99
Tomato – Tigerella £1.99
Sweetcorn – RHS Ovation F1 £1.99
Carrot – Chantenay Red Cored 99p
Pea – Sugarsnap Ann £2.49
Pea – Hurst Greenshaft £1.99
1 medium bag of potatoes £2.95
contains one first early variety and two maincrops (possibly epicure, majestic and navan)

Also planting

some old lettuce seeds
mini pepper seeds harvested in 2008 from Aldi mini peppers
leftover leek seeds (musselburgh)

Oh and we have discovered a harvest of spring onions from last year, that we’d forgotten about! Pulled first one 15th March, will pull rest over coming weeks.