Monthly Archives: February 2009

New Year, New Resolution!

Last year was a pretty terrible year, both on the blog and (in some respects) in the garden.

Firstly, an update on where we are now. The greenhouse finally got installed and is a wonderful big space – despite the dreadful weather (which resulted in things like the sweetcorn being an utter failure, with near-constant cloud and rain just as the poor things needed sun) we got a pretty good quantity of tomatoes and peppers out of it. The courgettes and aubergines were less successful, but hopefully we can work out what went wrong this time around!

The onions were something of a disappointment, failing to grow much larger than the sets. The garlic did something very similar, despite being in the ground for a ridiculous amount of time.

The potatoes and carrots were a mixed success. We certainly got a crop, but neither were particularly heavy. The carrots were also very … ‘rustic’, as you can see! But they weren’t a complete washout, and we ate plenty of (very tasty) carrot and corriander soup and managed to be self-sufficient in potatoes for a few months. Ahh, the advantage of there only being two of us!

In an attempt to keep this thing a little bit more frequently updated, I’ve added my wife to the author list so even when I’m being rubbish (or “working in the garden”, which I’ve decided will be my excuse this year!) she’ll be able to keep things vaguely up to date here.