Like Father, Like Son!

So, it’s been a few months now(!) since I last updated this.

Personally, I blame genetics. My dad used to keep an allotment diary, and it’s interesting reading back on it that he too would be very good at keeping up to date only to go silent for a month or two (or more!) before coming back. Anyway, I’m back now!

Lots have things have been happening since the turn of the year. First off, we got the pile of rotting shed and greenhouse-in-a-shed (yes, really) demolished and removed, and the back fence replaced.

With that work done, the garden suddenly looked a whole lot bigger. At the same time, we’d come to the conclusion that we definitely wanted a greenhouse as well as a useable shed, so off we went shopping. After a truly spectacular amount of research by my beloved, we settled on an 8’x10′ Halls Optimum and a slim little 4’x10′ shed.

The groundwork is now all done, awaiting the last stage of actually having the things put up – and then we can start getting the rest of the garden into better shape!

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