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End Of Year 1

So, that’s the end of 2007 – not the most successful growing year I’ve ever had, largely thanks to a terrible summer when it never seemed to stop raining and failed to get nice and sunny when my crops needed it. I know it’s a pretty typical English stereotype to complain about the weather, but it really did mess things up this year!

Things weren’t all bad though; the first half of the year managed to produce some decent crops (the potatoes were fantastic!) but things like the sweetcorn were an almost total write-off.

Adding things up, this is roughly what we got out of the ground this year:


The big success story of this year really; from a small packet of seed potatoes, we got something like 8kg of very tasty potatoes. They kept fairly well – we don’t eat potatoes at a huge rate so this lot lasted me a month or so and made some very tasty roasties!

Savoy Cabbage

We managed to eat maybe a half dozen of our summer Savoys before a combination of holidays, crappy weather and greedy wildlife brought an end to our fun. The winter Savoys were even more of a disaster, being eaten before they got a chance to grow.


Another mixed bag; something was eating the young plants as quickly as I put them in, so only one plant survived to adulthood – and then something was eating the fruit more often than I was getting to harvest it! That said, we had maybe 10 or so fantastic round yellow courgettes which were delicious, and loved every last bit.


As mentioned before, pretty much a disaster. We got a single corn before a short holiday followed by a total absence of the sun for what seemed like months meant that the rest of the crop never really formed up. The squirrels ate well – we didn’t.


The plants all had a dreadful start (largely because I messed up, didn’t replace the soil in the containers very well and failed miserably to feed them) but once they got up and running they produced a small but steady supply of delicious juicy tomatoes.

And the rest…

The spinach, the carrots and even the lettuce all vanished without a trace; the wet second half of summer generated an incredible slug harvest, unfortunately, which did very well out of all my hard work.

The red onions were productive but (as the were from seed) small in size; at least nothing ate them and we had some nice fresh red onions during Autumn!

Overall then, not a great year. It’s not all doom and gloom though; the potato crop alone more than covered all the costs this year, and we did get to eat some very tasty veg (the courgettes were definitely the stars!). In addition, the ground is much clearer than before (growing crops is an excellent way to reclaim an overgrown garden!) and, well, it kept me entertained.

Next year, with any luck, will be less of a washout!