Monthly Archives: November 2007

Bad Timings…

Well, most of the crops are now out of the ground, one way or the other. We managed to eat the majority of the cabbage, but unfortunately the sweetcorn took much longer than I expected to ripen this year – something which I guess is down to the cool, wet summer we had when the sweetcorn just wanted lots of nice sunshine.

The practical upshot of this is that I managed to harvest a single corn (which, by all reports, was delicious) before we went away on holiday to France and, by the time we returned, the corns were fairly well past their best and starting to dry up. So the rest (well, what hasn’t since been enjoyed by our local squirrels) will end up on the compost heap.

The return from France wasn’t a total disaster, however – against all odds there were still some tomatoes hanging on, and even a courgette that had got quite big without being eaten by the wildlife.

This isn’t quite my end of year summing up though; the onions are still in the ground and I’ve even pulled a couple of them up to eat – they’re pretty tasty, and aside from the long growing time I’ve enjoyed that crop. And to think that everyone says you can’t grow onion from seed!

Also still in the ground (I think) is the one surviving carrot from my late sowing experiment. They were mostly gobbled up as seedlings, but my oh-so-cunning approach of not bothering to weed anything has, I suspect, allowed this solo carrot to go un-noticed by the crop-eating birds and rodents that view my garden as their personal larder.

Still, autumn is now very much upon us and it’s getting to that garden clearing and tidying time of the year. Soon I’ll pull the last remaining crops, and then I’ll be able to draw up a final list of everything we got to eat this year – it won’t make very impressive reading, but at least it will give me something nice and easy to beat in 2008!