Monthly Archives: September 2007

Tomatoes Are Go!

Well, after previously worrying about the lack of ripening, a few tomatoes are finally coming ready. The picture shows one of each variety we’ve grown this year – the small yellow one is Sun Baby, the largest is Diplom and the other is Shirley.

They all have fantastic (and distinct) flavours; I think my personal favourite is probably the Diplom, although to be honest they’re all very good. We’re not getting nearly the volume of tomatoes that we did last year (probably down to their much harder life this time around) but the few we do get really are excellent.

Around the rest of the garden, the sweetcorn is starting to swell and the ‘early’ cabbages remaining in the ground are still doing well, although they (along with everything else) are beginning to suffer from a real explosion of slugs. That, plus an incredible volume of weeds that have grown up while we were away, is making the whole garden look pretty untidy but hopefully I’ll get some time to sort it out a little over the weekend…