Potatoes Harvested

This weekend saw the rest of the potatoes harvested. The plants had suffered somewhat from the windy weather, stalks all looking fairly battered and broken so it seemed best to just dig them all up, rather than risk my precious crop rotting in the ground.

The total quantity didn’t quite live up to the promise of the first two plants, but it still exceeded the weight that my kitchen scales were capable of weighing! It all came in at a little over 6kg, so that’s a grand total of 8kg of organic (ish) potatoes for the £4 or so the seed potatoes cost me. I know that I could have got the yields up if I had only bothered to earth up the plants (or indeed to anything other that stick them in the ground and wait 4 months!) but I’m still pretty pleased with the result.

For comparison purposes I’ve tried finding the ‘going rate’ for organic heritage potatoes – it doesn’t seem fair to look at the price of Tesco Value pots! – and they seem to be around £22 or £23. Not bad at all.

We also picked the first summer savoy, which is delicious – happily they seem to be hearting up fairly staggered, so we’re not going to be in a panic to eat a dozen cabbages over a three day period.

I’ve also put some winter savoy seeds into my little seed pellet things, which will go into the space freshly vacated by the potatoes. No point in letting ground go unused – which is why I’ve also put in the first row of lettuces which can sit between the cabbages until they start growing up.

Next thing to decide is if I’m going to try and squeeze any more crops out of the space soon to be vacated by the summer savoys; it’ll have to be something pretty fast growing, and I’ll have to start praying for an indian summer, but I may as well try!

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