The tomatoes – which were a source of concern earlier – have recovered totally after I finally decided they needed feeding. All three plants are growing strong, and each of them have at least a few green tomatoes hanging off them.

The courgettes are just starting to form; I can see two or three round yellow fruit lurking there and soon I’ll have to work out at what stage I’m supposed to pick them! The ‘backup’ plants I put in aren’t doing so well – one has been eaten by whatever it is that has such a taste for courgette seedlings, and the other is struggling and barely growing at all. Still, it might pick up.

The first batch of potatoes are pretty much eaten, which is just as well as a couple of the remaining plants look really unhealthy – I think their stalks have got broken by the wind we’ve had lately, so I really need to pull those now. Good timing, though.

Savoys are getting very close, I expect we’ll be enjoying them at the weekend. The onions and sweetcorn continue to grow, albeit slowly. I remember from last year thinking how sluggish the sweetcorn was being, but it’s just a matter of patience – they start their growth spurt later than the other things I’m growing this year.

The potato harvest raises some interesting questions, as I’m about to have a small patch of bare earth. I may just put some lettuce in there for a quick crop, but I’m also wondering if I can get away with planting out some seriously late winter savoy.

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