First Harvest

Well, after agonising about the right time to start lifting the potatoes I finally started digging some up this weekend. I was slightly concerned that I would be forced to harvest all of them in one go, but it turns out that the plants are fairly self-contained so I only pulled two plants.

Total harvest was slightly over 2kg, so if I keep to that rate I should get something like 10kg of potatoes for my initial outlay of £4 or so. My beloved was determined that I should get more pictures into this blog so helpfully stood over me snapping away as I dug!
They’re not quite as ‘blue-skinned’ as the description made them sound – I’d say it was closer to purple. It’s also slightly disappointing that most of the colour comes out of them as they’re boiled – however, they really are delicious (although it’s always hard to know how much of that is real and how much is wishful thinking!)

In other news, the Summer Savoy is starting to heart up very well, the onions are beginning to look like proper onion plants and the surviving courgette plant is growing like there’s no tomorrow – so we should eat well in a few weeks time…

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