Monthly Archives: June 2007

Still Raining!

Yes, despite the fact that it’s June and therefore supposed to be hot, dry and sunny it’s none of the above – more like cold, wet and cloudy.

On the up side, this means I haven’t had to water anything for the last month (ironically, since I bought a really clever drip-watering system that feeds off the water butt – I’ll talk about that more if it ever dries up enough for me to try it out!).

On the down side, things are now so wet that this is what most of my lawn is now looking like!

Positive Progress

So, things have been a little quiet for the last few weeks – mainly because it’s not stopped raining long enough for me to get out into the garden very often!

On the courgette front, I sowed a couple more seeds to replace the plant that got broken and planted them both out – I had to dig a little bit more of the garden to make room for two plants, which is actually quite a landmark because for the first time I started digging across the garden, having finally reached the back!

On the tomato front, I did some further investigation. The picture shows what was happening to the leaves, and my new improved guess was a manganese deficiency – I managed to track down a general tomato feed which included manganese and I’m pleased to say they are looking much, much healthier now. So, big relief there!

The potatoes are pretty much ready to be dug up any time now, I think. I’m hoping for a brief break in the weather (and I need to work out how to store them!) but it will be this years first crop to get eaten. Very exciting stuff.

The cabbages continue to make good progress, and so far don’t seem to have been found by the cabbage whites – probably because it’s been raining so much. They’re just starting to heart up so I’m guessing they will be next to come ready – the onions are slowly growing but it does seem to be very slow progress and I can’t see them being ready any time soon.

In unexpected news, the garlic (that I, err, lost last year in the herb patch!) has re-appeared. This time around I intend to keep a closer eye so that I can pull them up when the leaves start to die back rather than waiting until the leaves have totally vanished – at which point I can no longer find them!

Death and Disease!

I’ve been mostly hiding from the rain recently; it really has been fairly cold and miserable for the time of year. What’s kept me positive has been the thought that all this rain will be good for the garden, but I’m less sure now.

Most things have been going quite well; there is some physical damage in the form of a broken stalk or two in the potatoes (which I’m not too bothered about) and, far worse, one of my two courgette plants has been snapped off at the bottom. It’s impossible to guess what’s done it but as it seems to be more of a snap than a bite, I’m assuming it’s some animal (my money’s on a cat… grrr…) being careless rather than something eating it. Let’s just hope courgettes work with only one plant!!

In far worse news, our tomatoes are looking dreadfully ill, which I’m hoping is just an overwatering problem with all this rain. The leaves are just dying off, brown and ‘splotchy’ and yellowing too. It could be some sort of disease, but it doesn’t quite match up to anything in my book which might be a good sign.

It’s been dry for a few days, and the new leaves certainly don’t look affected although it’s hard to know how quickly they were being affected before. I suppose all I can really do is wait and see; nature is pretty robust, so I’m hoping that they will sort themselves out given time (and a little less rain!)

I think the rain may have washed away most of my slug pellets too, as there are a couple of nibbled looking leaves on my cabbages – time for some more chemical death, I suppose. I wish there was a better solution, but the only organic options seem to be some kind of gritty powdery stuff that forms a physical barrier, but which needs replacing every time it rains.