The End Is Nigh

Today saw a respite in the rain, so I took the opportunity to push further back in the clearing – I’m going to declare it pretty much done (well, the first pass clearing anyway) because although there are a few little branches still lurking it’s all minor stuff.

I’m still in two minds about whether to bother with the really serious digging; there’s only a couple of courgette plants going in there, and I’m seriously tempted to let them break up the soil this season in the hopes that any remaining roots will be well loosened come the autumn. Part of me worries that I’m just inventing this kind of logic as an excuse to avoid digging, but I’m probably going to let myself give in and avoid the extra work!

There’s always a price to pay, and this time it’s in the form of a rather annoying blister on my index finger – probably from all the grubbing around in the soil and yanking roots out. Still, at least it looks like I’ve been doing some real work for a change.

In other news, last weekend was raining too much to get out but instead I sowed the courgettes and sweetcorn in the little expanding soil pot things (I really ought to look up their name!) – remarkably they’ve made great progress and are already standing a couple of inches tall and eagerly awaiting the fresh air!

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