More Planting

I managed to get the courgettes and sweetcorn – growing fantastically in their little pots – planted out, with much less drama (and carnage!) than previous attempts. While part of me accepts that using these things are kind of cheating, I just have so much more success than trying to do it the traditional seed-tray way that I’m willing to cheat. Besides, I figure the increased survival of seedlings more than outweighs the additional cost of the pots.

Only 2 of my courgettes put in an appearance, and 11 sweetcorn – just the right number, considering the spaces I’d planned for them. Well, the courgettes have a very generous amount of space but with luck they’ll grow into huge plants.

The potatoes are coming on incredibly well, and are now flowering. I never quite got around to earthing them up (well I always said I was lazy) but I’ve not noticed any tubers peeking through, and if it just means a slightly lower yield then, well, I’m willing to pay that price for eliminating a tedious job. We’ll see come harvest time!

On other news, the cabbages are beginning to put in a good show. They started to get eaten much like last year, but this time instead of blaming pigeons I have to admit I noticed a few slug trails. Putting my organic gardener aside, I was fairly generous on the slug pellets and my garden is now filled with dead slugs (which isn’t great) and uneaten cabbage seedlings (which is!). It seems I was maligning the pigeons.

Finally, we picked up some tomato plants at the garden centre, which I’ve put into containers, as we don’t really have any room for them. We got three different plants, ‘Sun Baby’, ‘Diplom’ and the more traditional ‘Shirley’. With luck we should get an interesting mix of tomatoes this year, if I can keep them watered!

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